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Hey there! I'm Erica. I help Gym Owners and Fitness Pros understand their financials, simplify systems, and grow profits so you have the time and money you need to create the most impact in your programs.

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Accountability Squad

You can’t be an expert in every area of business, and no one expects you to be. But if you’re not ready to hire someone, an accountability partner is a great resource to help give you another perspective, overcome a specific challenge, keep you on track and celebrate successes with you.

Our Accountability Squad is just this.

GymFit Financial Academy

The reality is that accounting isn't made for human behavior, and most of us didn't get into fitness to spend all day updating our financial records, but without current information, we can't keep the money in the bank from disappearing. When you follow a proven process everything falls into place, and managing your cash flow and paying yourself each month becomes EASY..

Financial Coaching

For fitness business owners that are ready to take their finances to the next level, or need customized support to reach their financial goals, you can apply for our 1:1 Coaching program. With Erica as your guide, we will teach you how to become permanently profitable using our simple money management systems and develop a course of action unique to you and your goals.

When you follow a proven process everything falls into place, and managing your cash flow and paying yourself each month becomes EASY.

Things like…

Always know your numbers

Make informed business decisions

Know your cash flow

Reduce overwhelm

Connect with others on this financial journey

Accountability Squad


Learn a better way to guarantee profits, tax savings, and stress-free money management

GymFit Academy


Apply for the CFO Program and see if you qualify for our high-end program for successful gym owners

1:1 Coaching


Financial Procedures

We offer expert advice and recommend optimizations that can take your gym’s systems (and profits) to the next level. This package will help you no longer feel overwhelmed by your finances and empower you with an understanding of the systems needed to keep up to date, accurate financials.

Strategic Planning

We are your trusted partner in goal setting through a financial lens. Without goals (for sales, number of members, PT sessions) you don’t know where you need to get to in order to create your dream business. By creating cash flow and financial forecasts, plus much more, in our CFO packages, we drive your gym's ability to scale and increase profit margins

Business Support

Maintain clean financial records is as important as having a clean gym (in our humble opinion). With our team supporting your business, you can focus on what matters most - supporting your members. Stay up-to-date with reliable financial data and receive timely, customized reports.

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“ Thank you for your constant optimism and recognition of how busy life is - it goes a long way and I look forward to your emails! ”

Kelsey M.


“ The absolute best investment I've made this year as a business owner was signing up with Erica!”

Katie R.

Bookkeeping Support Packages

Say goodbye to financial confusion and hello to financial freedom!

(up to $250K avg. sales)


per month

(u250K - $500K avg. sales)


per month

($500K avg. sales)


per month

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Hey, you! Yes, YOU. The awesome fitness business owner with the passion to make it big and help more people!

Are you tired of trying to juggle finances and crunch numbers all by yourself? We totally get it - that's why we're here to help!

With our fractional CFO services, Bookkeeping and/or SOP Building packages! With our help, you'll have a team of financial experts at your fingertips, ready to take on all the financial tasks that come with running a successful gym. From cash flow management to budgeting and forecasting, we've got you covered. Our team of skilled professionals have years of experience in providing top-notch financial services to businesses of all sizes. And with our fractional CFO services, you'll get all the benefits of having a full-time CFO, without the cost.

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